Schoolboy Q Talks Oxymoron & Classic Albums [Interview]

Published on July 10, 2013 by RealTalkHipHop

Real Talk Hip Hop met up with ScHoolboy Q after his performance at Chene Park in Detroit, MI on June 5, 2013. He talked about the type of focus and stress he went through for a year while making Oxymoron. He discusses what classic albums he listens to, working with A$AP Rocky on Brand New Guy, and how dope Californication is, how to make a Mac Miller face and a challenge with Action Bronson. Guess how many bucket hats he owns?
Joe: How long did it take us to get in here?

(Voice: Two and a half hours)

Joe: Yo it’s Real Talk Hip Hop. I’m your host Joe and I’m with

ScHoolBoy Q: Puffy, School, Schooly B


Joe: Let’s talk about Oxymoron. Dude are you ready, are you ready to drop it? Or do you have any memorable moments in the process of recording it?

ScHoolBoy Q: No not really, I just, I got my thoughts out and I put my best effort into it. That’s really it, I was just focused for a whole year, focused and stressing myself. You know what I mean? From not sleepin and not eating right I’m just now getting back to eating right, you know what I’m saying. I was like losing weight for a minute, like I was working on this album and I was so focused on it and I was eating like once a day and I’m just like

(Laughter as Moosa walks in with some strange glasses)

Joe: He can, hey you can come in the camera

Moosa: Somebody in the crowd left them.

Joe: That’s awesome dude!

(Laughter as Q puts the glasses on)

ScHoolBoy Q: No normally this doesn’t happen.

Joe: It’s all good dude, it’s all good. Classic albums, do you have any you know classic albums that you could repeatedly listen to?

ScHoolBoy Q: Yeah, Nas – It Was Written, Stilmatic, Jay Z Blueprint one, Reasonable Doubt, 50 cent – Massacre is still one of favourites, Tupac All Eyes On Me, Bigge, Wu Tang 36 Chambers I was listening to that today.

Joe: Do you feel, what makes Schoolboy Q, or what makes you think that an album is classic? Do you have any criteria or you know do you just feel it and relates to Q, Do you think it’s a classic?

ScHoolBoy Q: Umm, Classic is usually just based on opinion but the mass, but it is also based on, it’s based on a whole lot of things like the base record sales, the base all type of stuff with a classic, you know what I mean? You just can call a record that didn’t sell that many records a classic, you know what I’m saying though, you can’t call a record that just had nothing but radio hits a classic. You know what I’m saying? There is so much to a classic, it’s that feeling that you know it’s a classic, you can’t really explain a classic. A classic is a classic.

Joe: A$AP Rocky. I’m a big fan of anytime you guys hop on a track together. I feel like sometimes it’s like, it’s like Shaq and Kobe, you guys just like the chemistry is just like open and on point. You guys complement each other. What’s it like to be in the studio with him and record you know the tracks you have already recorded?

ScHoolBoy Q: We really only recorded one song in the studio.

Joe: One song?

ScHoolBoy Q: Yea Brand new God, it was the only record we ever recorded.

Joe: How was the studio, was it crazy?

ScHoolBoy Q: Naw that was my first time meeting him so it was like weird like you know he sat in his space where he wrote his music and I had my space in the studio or part of the studio where I wrote my music. You know, but, well matter of fact, my new record we did in the studio together, on the studio bus. While we was on tour, write my new record on my new album. Californication is a dope record.

Joe: Bucket hats. Where do you get them? I feel like you have an unlimited source of bucket hats. Like if you opened your closet, like bucket hats would just like fall all over.

ScHoolBoy Q: Yeah, yeah, yeah I have over 300 man. Yeah it’s crazy.

Joe: Action Bronson. This is like, you guys had a war online.

ScHoolBoy Q: yeah.

Joe: If you could challenge Action Bronson to any competition what would it be?

ScHoolBoy Q: Foot race, hahahaha I know for sure I’d win that. I know for sure I’d win that. Or who could eat the less in a day. It’s an ….

Joe: What can Schoolboy Q, like my fan, like myself expect from Oxymoron and are we really ready for Oxymoron?

ScHoolBoy Q: I don’t think people really understand how dope this album is. Like I think people just been thinking they’re going to get a good album, but this is a real dope album. I don’t, you know what I’m saying, I feel like the media, like I have fans and I have people that know me but the media, but the media sleeps on me more than anything. Like the media makes it seem smaller than it is. When the fans are really gravitating to it, you know what I’m saying, so I hate media. I’m not saying you ain’t good.

Joe: It’s alright dude.

ScHoolBoy Q: No, no not you. But I hate media cuz they really don’t know it.

Joe: Do you feel you have something to prove with this album?

ScHoolBoy Q: I got a lot to prove. Because I’m mad at the media and I’ve got a lot to prove to the media.

Joe: How many times did you prep?

ScHoolBoy Q: I have nothing to prove to my fans. They know, they know. You know what I’m saying I do it for my fans, they know. I know this album is going to do well, I know it is going to be good, it’s going to do great and I’m trying to prove the media wrong so I when I do interviews next time I can tell them “Fuck you” “Fuck you”.

Joe: You know I was really nervous to do this interview because I saw that this is 51 and you were like “If you ask the same question I am going to punch you in the head” so when I was coming up with these questions the first thing on my mind was don’t get punched in the head by Schoolboy Q.

ScHoolBoy Q: Yeah, cuz it’s gonna hurt.

Joe: How many times have your practiced the Mac Miller face, cuz that was awesome?

ScHoolBoy Q: The Mac Miller face? Aw that was easy you know you just do the gayest mouth open thing you can do.

Joe: Could we get it before we end this interview?

ScHoolBoy Q: Nah its homo.

Joe: Alright Schoolboy Q thank you man, I really appreciate it.


Shout out!

ScHoolBoy Q: What up! Schoolboy Q shout out to couldn’t get .com yet cuz they want to charge you $3000 more, that aint’ right. Give my nigga the .com, you know what I’m saying but it’s all good you know the .org will keep you crackin. We all here at TDE, burping, Puffy. I’m out this bitch.

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