Icewear Vezzo – “The City is Mine” Interview

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Just a city boy, born and raised in East Detroit. He owns the rap game and made the competition bare. Yea, I know you liked that Journey reference to “Don’t Stop Believing,” but one man who is achieving all that he has believed in is Chivez Smith, better known for his stage name, “Icewear Vezzo.” No more are the days where all Detroit is labeled as is the Motor City or Motown. The city has a whole new reputation to giving birth to “Rap Royalty.”

Icewear Vezzo reigns from the means streets of East Detroit. The brother to 19 siblings, Vezzo has always had a team in his corner. In 2004, at the age of 15, Vezzo joined the Minnesota originated group, Green Guyz. He would later launch his own solo career in Detroit, where he released two singles. After which, Vezzo released his solo album, “The Clarity”, in August of 2012. A sequel quickly followed with “The Clarity 2,” at this moment it seemed as though Vezzo could not be stopped.

Icewear Vezzo

In January of last year, Vezzo served six months in jail. During his time behind bars Vezzo says it is not what people think jail is to a rap artist. He says people think an artist is on their “Weezy” mentality and just write for days. “Facing the reality that you are in jail and it is not the best place to be,” is what first processed he said, but that time spent behind bars was not going to stop his career.

Released from jail in June 2013, Vezzo went on his first Mid-West tour and did a set with Hot 107.5 Summer Jamz. Vezzo was back on grind mode, especially on his next project. If there were any questions before as to who owned the city, they are now answered by Icewear Vezzo’s newest mix tape, “The City is Mine.” Released on Christmas of 2013. Not even a month ago, Vezzo has already received over 100,000 hits and a five star rating on iTunes. If that is not enough, he has already released three new videos with one entitled, “Options,” from the new mix tape.

According to Crain’s Detroit Business, the Detroit music industry is valued at a $1 billion dollars. Music is in the brand of Detroit. If you were to go anywhere in the country or overseas and people saw the English “D,” on your shirt, no one would hesitate to ask where you are from. Detroiters and even Michiganders tend to forget how rich Detroit is in music, and if any of you all forgot, Icewear Vezzo has no problems reminding you.

“The City is Mine” and all previous albums are available on iTunes, and to stay up to date with all things Vezzo, visited his website,

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